Wednesday, March 31, 2010

French 81mm Mortar M1927/1931 (Brandt)

This was the common medium mortar in French service, and license-built copies, like the US 81mm mortar M1, or outright copies, were in widespread use with other armies. The typical French infantry regiment in 1940 had 8 such mortars; generally, 2 were allocated to each battalion. In FoF, the 81mm mortar might be drawn for with an Asset Card, if not included as part of the scenario design.

Some stats:

RoF: 20-30 rpm

MV: 174 m/s

Max Range: 2,850 meters

Crew: 1 NCO, 5 EM (+ 1 driver)

The photos show the Peter Pig 15mm mortar with crew.

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