Tuesday, March 23, 2010

France `40 -- Notes on Sources

I listed Borsarello’s book yesterday as one of my sources. It’s comprehensive in its coverage of the three services – Army, Navy, and Air Force – despite its title, which might mislead a native English speaker and is well-illustrated.

McNair, Ronald. Les blindés français: mai-juin 1940. Bayeux: Éditions Heimdal, n.d.

McNair’s volume is really an issue of Heimdal’s Guerres contemporaines journal. Other than the cover, the numerous illustrations are in b/w. It’s a handy, authoritative guide to French armor – organization, material, and markings. Heimdal’s publications are worth checking out. One title that I haven’t seen intrigued me: Les trains blindés, 1826-1989. I had no idea that armored trains pre-dated the US Civil War!

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