Wednesday, March 24, 2010

FoF Unit Characteristics for the French Squad

Top: Half-Squad Shock (Maneuver) Element
Bottom: Two Bases Showing Figures with the FM24/29 LMG

These are Peter Pig 15mm figures. I uploaded new images, since the previous images were indistinct.


Most line infantry in 1939-40 would be classed as Regular, Trained (D8). From my reading, the only troops with a higher rating (and I wouldn’t class any higher than Veteran – D10), would have been the Dragons portés (motorized infantry of the DLMs/DLCs), the Chasseurs portés (mechanized/motorized infantry of the heavy armored formations), Foreign Legion, Corps francs, and Chasseurs alpins.


I’d classify the French for the most part as Average (D8), although higher or lower values may be scenario appropriate.


This was for the most part Average.

Supply Quality

Again, for the most part, Normally Supplied.

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