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Aubigny, Bernard [Béraud; Bérault] Stuart, third seigneur d’

Aubigny, Bernard [Béraud; Bérault] Stuart, third seigneur d’ (1447?-1508). French general. Principal wars: War of the Roses; Italian Wars. Principal Battles: Bosworth Field (1485); Seminara I (1495); Seminara II (1503).

A descendant of the Stewart of Derneley granted the lands of Aubigny and Concressault by the Dauphin Charles (future Charles VII) in 1421 for services to the French crown, he fought at Bosworth Field (Aug. 22, 1485) and later commanded the French army that defeated Spain’s “Great Captain,” Gonzalo de Cordoba, at Seminara I (or Monteleone, June 28, 1495). He was subsequently made Grand Constable and Governor of Naples (1501) but was defeated by Don Fernando de Andrada at Seminara II (Apr. 21, 1503) and imprisoned in the tower of the Castello Nuovo. He died in Scotland in June 1508.

Commynes described him as a “bon chevalier, saige, et bon et honrable”; Brantome as a “grand chevalier sans reproche”; and Bayard as “ung tres gentil et vertueux Capitaine.”

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