Friday, February 6, 2009

Chronology of the Bohemian War, 1618-1623

Among my (many) projects is that for an online Thirty Years' War encyclopedia. I hope to use this blog as a kind of workspace for that venture, and I invite any of my readers to participate, either by commenting on entries, proposing entries, or by authoring articles, however brief. To begin at the beginning, here is an outline of a chronology of the first phase of the war. As you can see, I can provide very little on some of the events, so if anyone can flesh them out--at least the labels--I'd appreciate it.

Bohemian War, 1618-1623

Pilsen, Capture of (Nov. 11/21, 1618). Mansfeld took the town.

Záblat [Sablat], Battle of (June 10, 1619). Complete victory of the Imperialists, commanded by Bucquoy, over the Bohemian rebels, commanded by Mansfeld.

Bautzen, Capture of (Sep. 23, 1620). The town was taken by the Elector of Saxony.

Langen-Loys, Combat of (1620).

White Mountain, Battle of (Oct. 28/Nov. 8, 1620). Victory of the combined Imperial and League armies, commanded by Bucquoy and Tilly, over the army of the Bohemian Estates, commanded by Christian of Anhalt.

Neuhäusel [Érsekujvár], Battle of (July 10, 1621). Victory of the Hungarians, commanded by Thurzó, over the Imperialists, commanded by Bucquoy.

Nickolsburg, Treaty of (1623). Peace treaty ending the Bohemian War.

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