Saturday, February 28, 2009

Abbreviations and Acronyms

The following is a draft list of abbreviations used in Dur Écu’s blog projects. Since many of these have already been employed in posts, it’s about time the list was posted here.


ADB Allegemeine deutsche Biographie

DBI Dizionario biografico degli Italiani

DBL Dansk Biografisk Leksikon

DNB The Dictionary of National Biography

KL Bodart. Kriegs-Lexikon

KSB Kleine slavische Biographie

RIHM Revue Internationale d’Histoire Militaire

SK Sveriges Krig

TE Theatrum Europaeum

National or Other Forces

Bdn Baden

Bav Bavaria; Catholic League

Boh Bohemian Rebels

Dnk Denmark

Eng England

Fr France

Hol Holland

Imp Imperial; Imperialist

Lge Catholic League

Man Mansfelders

Pol Poland; Poland-Lithuania

Sp Spain

Sw Sweden

Swz Switzerland

PrU Protestant Union

Wei Weimarian


CR Cavalry regiment

DR Dragoon regiment

IR Infantry regiment


FM Feldmarschall; field marshal

FML Feldmarschall Leutnant

FZM Feldzeugmeister

GdI General der Infanterie

GdK General der Kavallerie

GFZM General Feldzeugmeister

GL Generalleutnant

Gen Qu Generalquartiermeister [Quartermaster General]

GWM Generalwachtmeister

kt knight

LG Lieutenant General (Fr)

mdc maréchal de camp (Fr); maestre de campo (Sp)

mdcg maestre de campo general (Sp)

mdF maréchal de France (Fr); marshal of France

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