Friday, January 11, 2013

Tsushima, 1905

Above: Portion of a Map Showing the Location of the Battle (Center)
Above: Panzerschiffe 1:2400 Models of the Four Japanese Pre-dreadnought Battleships

Naval Battle of Tsushima (May 27-28, 1905). Decisive defeat and annihilation of the Russian Baltic Fleet (aka Second Pacific Squadron) under Vice-Admiral Rojestvensky by the Japanese Combined Fleet, commanded by Adm. Heihachiro Togo.

Japanese Combined Fleet (Adm. Heihachiro Togo)

First Fleet (Togo)

          First Battle Division (Rear Adm. Sotaro Misu)
          BB Mikasa (FF), BB Shikishima, BB Fuji, BB Asahi, AC Kasuga, AC Nisshin (F), dispatch boat Tatsuta 
(to be continued)

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